Things I did to transform myself, “Not Just Physically!”

If you have been trying your best to adapt a healthy diet and move your body more, and everytime it seems overwhelming or frustrating, let me tell you one thing, you are not alone in this. When transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, it can be a bit difficult and challenging to stay motivated especially whenContinue reading “Things I did to transform myself, “Not Just Physically!””

There’s no quick-fix. But there’s YOU + Instant Oatmeal

We all have been there! Feeling tired and anxious most of the times Feeling heavy, uncomfortable in our own skin Not fully participating in life Beating ourselves up for not being perfect. Extra weight that never let go of us. Aches and pain, Being unmotivated to move our body Constant shame and guilt, Never feelingContinue reading “There’s no quick-fix. But there’s YOU + Instant Oatmeal”